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Baton Rouge Raceway 2015 Stinger Rules

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. 

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. 
Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.

The Management of: Baton Rouge Raceway

Beginner class. The least expensive class that runs at this race track. This class is for novice drivers just entering racing, NOT FOR VETERAN DRIVERS. If you feel you must build a high dollar motor or trick racecar, this class is not for you. Pure stock or Limited Modified is more in your line.  Management will make the determination as to when a Stinger driver should move up to Pure stock.

1- Any factory OEM Import or Domestic car, 1980 or later four (4) cylinder powered front-wheel drive passenger vehicle.

2- Must be complete bumper-to-bumper body and frame as OEM Street legal for highway driving.

3- No convertibles

4- No cars with sunroofs, t-tops or any type of removable roof panel will be allowed to race. If a car has a sunroof, or t-tops it can be enclosed or covered with sheet metal (must be approved by BRR. Tech. Official) and allowed to compete.

5- No two-seater models allowed.

6- No mid-engine cars allowed.


8- The only exception to rule #7 will be made on certain models or makes that have the VIN Number Plate attached to the vinyl dashboard and must be removed due to a fire hazard (refer to rule #13 in the BODY section of these rules). In that case you must complete and have on file with SMS. A VIN Number Plate Form (filled out and approved) from the track with a photo (taken by one of the BRR. Track Officials) of the VIN Number Plate in its original OEM factory location before you start construction of that vehicle. NO EXCEPTIONS! After construction of this car is complete the VIN Number Plate will be permanently attached to the dash in as close to its original OEM Factory location as possible.

1- Bodies must be metal, and/or completely OEM factory stock.


3- No modifications to the body of any kind will be allowed.

4- No weight rule.

5- No additional weight can be removed from the car.

6- No additional weight and be added to the car.

7- All doors must be welded shut.

8- All exterior trim, molding, additional chrome, antennas, side rear view mirrors, headlights, taillights, rubber parts, windshield wipers, and etc. must be removed from the car.

9- All glass regardless of its location must be removed from the car.

10- Front and rear bumpers must remain in there original OEM location. Additional bracing will be allowed.

11- If a bumper comes completely off the car or has any part of it touching the ground or is found to be in a dangerous position, that car will be black flagged and removed from competition until repairs can be made to the car.

12- The hood and trunk/hatchback lid must function on the original OEM factory stock hinges. There must be two (2) hood pins located on each hood and trunk/hatchback lid to insure that they do not open on the track due to the failure of the OEM latches.

13- All upholstery, plastic, carpet, or any other item in the interior that could cause a fire hazard must be removed from the car. If your car has the OEM Number Plate attached to any part of the interior that must be removed please refer to rule #8 in the CAR section of these rules.

14- Factory stock OEM steering parts only in their original factory stock location and configuration. No additional steering enhancements allowed. No removal of any factory stock OEM steering parts.

15- Quick release steering wheels are the only modification allowed to the factory stock steering, but not required.

16- Factory stock gauges may remain in the car.

17- No rearview mirrors allowed.

18- Stock floor pan and stock front and rear firewalls must be maintained.

19- Holes created by the removal of the headlights and taillights must be covered with solid material.

20- Holes created by the removal of the factory grill must be covered with some type of expanded metal.

21- Only factory stock OEM rear spoilers allowed. No after market spoilers, ground effects and/or skirting.

22- Minimal ground clearance from the ground to the lowest part of the cars frame unibody or any part of the cars body will be 4-1/2”.

1- Roll cage must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1-1/2” O.D. and must have a wall thickness of at least .083” (no splicing main loop). Must be welded to the frame or un-body not bolted. Must be mounted in at least four (4) places (or in other words a 4-point cage). Low carbon mild steel, seamless tubing is recommended.

2- Roll cage must have three (3) door bars on driver side. Bars should be parallel to the ground and equally spaced.

3- No bars allowed outside the car body.

4- Must have two (2) windshield bars welded to the roll cage made of at least ½” tubing.

5- Cars may have one engine hoop bar thru engine area and in front of radiator.

1- Engines must be stock for year make, and model of vehicle and in the original OEM stock location with OEM motor mounts.

2- Fuel Injection or Throttle Bodies are allowed if they are original OEM equipment for that year, make, and model as per the factory records according to the VIN number plate.

3- No Turbo Charged or Rotary engines allowed.

4- No after market parts allowed anywhere on the car.

5- No claim on the engines will be allowed in this class.

6- No modifications allowed to the engine, factory stock in all aspects.

7- All cars must retain ALL FACTORY COMPONENTS WHATSOEVER according to the cars VIN number plate such as factory installed A/C compressors, Smog Pumps, etc… with the exception of all unnecessary belts to the operation of the car for racing purposes may be removed.

8- Stock Ignition system only for year, make, and model. No racing or performance enhancing units allowed. No modifications to ECM. Rev Limiter RPM must match year, make and model of car.

9- All cars must have a properly working starter.

10- Radiators must be factory stock for the year, make, and model of the car and mounted in the original OEM mounted location with the factory drip bottle or reservoir in place and functioning at all times for overflow protection.

11- Must have the original factory stock exhaust manifold for year, make, and model of car. Tail pipes must extend past the rear bar of the roll cage. The catalytic converter and muffler may be removed.

12- All four brakes must be in proper working order and cannot be modified in any way.


14- Complete stock under hood air cleaner assy. must be intact.

1- Transmission weather it be automatic or manual must be the factor stock OEM for the year, make, and model for that car as per the VIN number plate.

2- Must be mounted in the original OEM position.

3- Transmission must have all forward and reverse factory stock gears functioning in proper order.

4- Only factory OEM stock replacement clutches allowed. No modifying, and no aftermarket, or high performance clutches allowed.

5- No after market, or high performance parts whatsoever anywhere.

6- Must use the OEM stock shifter.

7- Factory stock OEM drive train only per VIN number plate.

8- Differential must remain factory stock and cannot be locked.

9- No modifications whatsoever to the factory stock OEM suspension.

10- No racing or performance enhancing springs, shocks, sway bars, bushings, etc.

1- All wheels must be factory stock OEM (diameter & width) for that year, make, and model of car as per the VIN number plate.

2- No racing or performance enhancing wheels allowed.

3- Wheels cannot be modified in any way such as moving wheel centers or having the wheel widened.

4- No wheel spacers allowed.

5- Longer wheel studs will be allowed, and larger lug nuts are recommended.

6- All four (4) tires must be D.O.T. legal with an “S” or “T” speed rating.

7- No tire allowed with a “V”,“W”, or “Y” speed rating or any type of high performance tread or compound.

8- No retreads or recaps allowed.

9- All four tires must be the same size. No staggering, or size mixing of tire sizes (Example: 4ea. P195/75R 14).

10- Tires will be the proper size for that year, make, and model car as per the VIN number plate.

11- Tires must have a minimum tread depth of 2/32” anywhere on the tire surface.

12- No tire shall have a Durometer reading softer than 58 points or that tire will be considered illegal.

13- Each tire must have a minimum air pressure of 25-PSI when going through TECH. following the race.

1- All cars must have an aluminum-racing seat mounted to the roll cage. No floor mounted seats allowed.

2- All cars must have a safety harness with a minimum strap width of 3” and a submarine strap (or in other words a 5-point harness).

3- All drivers must wear a Snell 95 rated or better helmet.

4- All cars must have a Fire Extinguisher (dry chemical only) on board mounted securely and within easy reach of the driver.

5- All cars with an electric fuel pump must have a ON - OFF switch in easy reach of the driver and yet easily reached by a track official or safety worker.

6- Window nets required.

1- Gasoline only (not to exceed 110 octane).

2- No Alcohol, or nitrous ($500.00 fine)

3- All cars will have the original fuel tank for that year, make, and model mounted in the original OEM position with the addition of two (2) steel straps (2” X 1/8” or better) attached from frame rail to frame rail. In the case that your car has no frame the straps must be welded to the unibody.


1- All shocks, struts and springs must be OEM stock or equal stock replacements for Year Make and Model. (No aftermarket Parts)

2- No Modifications to suspension or suspension mounting points in any way. (This includes but is not limited to welding, heating, bending, grinding, sloting, spacers, shims and washers)

3- Cars front and rear end alignment must fall within specs for Year, Make and Model. (No excessive camber, caster or toe)

1- No weight transferring devices of any kind such as traction control ($500.00).

2- No racing radios (one way or two way) allowed.

3- The use of hazardous chemicals or heavy metals or materials as defined by the E.P.A. will result in the car being impounded and turned over to the E.P.A. immediately. Car owner and/or driver will be held responsible.

4- No electronic monitoring or computer devices capable of storing, transferring, or transmitting information. Only OEM factory stock gauges or basic aftermarket gauges such as oil pressure, oil temp. Etc. will be allowed.

5- All cars must be professionally painted, neat in appearance and lettered (please refer to BRR General Track Rules #18). Badly damaged cars must be straightened and/or repaired to minimum technical standards. BR Raceway Officials may deny a car from competing if it does not meet the minimum acceptable standards as mentioned above.


1- Any car with three feature wins in a season can be claimed with the purchase of an Exchange Card ($25.00) for the price of five hundred dollars ($500. 00) less seat, belts, window net & fire extinguisher during the remainder of the season (the three feature wins do not have to be consecutive).

2- This claim will be CASH only (no credit cards or checks) and five hundred dollars ($500.00) will go to the car owner of the car being exchanged and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will go to the track for an exchange fee.

3- No car owner may claim his/her car for another unless that car has competed in three consecutive events.

4- A car with a temporary driver, or provisional starter will not be allowed into an exchange.

5- Only a car winning the feature can be claim for another car.

6- A car owner can claim one car per season ONLY, but can have his/her car claimed as many times as the season will allow.

7- In the case of multiple claims for exchange on the same car by two or more owners the track shall have a drawing to see which owner shall make the claim (the owner losing out in the drawing will not be charger with using an claim). Should the first eligible owner withdraw his claim then the next eligible owner will be allowed to make the claim.

8- Should any owner voluntarily withdraw claim he/she will be charged with an claim for the year and will result in a two hundred dollar ($200.00) fine to be paid before that car and owner will be allowed to race again.

9- A driver wishing to make an claim must drive his/her racecar immediately after the end of the feature race under it’s own power to the BRR. Tech Area.

10- All claims must be made immediately after the end of the feature race. A claim card must be purchased for twenty-five dollars ($25.00), filled out completely and accompanied with the five hundred dollars ($500.00) as intent to claim.

11- The car owner of the car being claimed then has ten (10) minutes to accept or refuse the claim

12- Any un-sportsmanlike conduct during claim procedure will result in an immediate minimum one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine and/or suspension.

13- Any sabotage discovered to an claimed car will result in the same penalties as a refusal of a car claim. Owners will be held accountable for any sabotage discovered while during the car claim and will be responsible for all any and all penalties as a result of any sabotage. Claim will be disallowed and money returned to claimer. Claimer will have a ten (10) minute time limit to report all cases of sabotage from the time they take position of the car.

14- Refusal of this claim will result in the driver and car being disqualified for that race and for the rest of the racing season, forfeits all winnings and trophies earned, and a five hundred dollar ($500.00) fine to be paid before that car and owner can participate in another event, and loses his/her right to claim with another car for the remainder of the season (think about it don’t make a hasty decision that would ruin the rest of your season).

15- There will be no claims in the first four events of the season (rain-outs not included).

Baton Rouge Raceway reserves the right to change specifications procedures and/or modify the Stinger rules at any time it sees fit.



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